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We are your region's premier choice for humane wildlife removal and relocation services. Our contractors bring more than twenty years of experience in the industry to each property we treat. Anicon Wildlife Control in Cottondale, AL is fully licensed and insured for your protection.

Our wildlife control services include the safe and humane removal and relocation of racoons, flying squirrels, rodents, snakes, birds, bats and more. We provide animal exclusion and access prevention services to ensure your property is kept clear from unwanted wildlife. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for your wildlife removal needs.

Call Anicon Wildlife Control in Cottondale, AL at 205-535-7937 today to discuss your wildlife prevention needs with our experts, to schedule your wildlife removal appointment with us as well as to find out more about our full range of wildlife control services.

Serving Tuscaloosa County

Anicon Wildlife Control in Cottondale, AL provides professional wildlife control services. Our contractors are equipped to handle the safe and humane removal of pests for owners of residential and commercial properties. Call 205-535-7937 to find out more about our available services:

* Residential Wildlife Control Services
* Commercial Wildlife Control Services
* Humane Wildlife Removal Services
* Humane Wildlife Exclusion Services
* Humane Wildlife Access Prevention Services
* Animal Remains & Waste Disinfection Services
* Racoon Removal Services
* Snake Removal Services
* Bat Removal Services
* Bird Removal Services
* Armadillo Removal Services
* Flying Squirrel Removal Services
* Rodent Removal Services

we provide safe removal and prevention of nuisance Wildlife to protect both consumers and their property

Anicon Wildlife Control
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Anicon Wildlife Control

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Our Mission: To provide great customer service and affordable protection against nuisance wildlife.